Finished watching some more beginner videos on the new cijapanese website. I’m liking the new design. Not completely used to it yet but it has a neat new time tracker that lets you know how many minutes you’ve spent watching stuff. I’m pretty close to finishing up all of the beginner videos (初級動画) and then I’ll see how the intermediate ones fare. Still pretty bad at the language and it does get tiring studying it everyday. I’m not sure sometimes why I study. Maybe it gives me hope someday that it will make my life richer. Not sure. Or that I’ll be of help to some Japanese people one day or be able to read something important in the language. \(〇_o)/

My house still hasn’t sold yet. Somebody did want to come view it tomorrow but they had to bail out. Eventually someone will come take a look. I was thinking I should maybe paint the wood beam that holds up my bird house in the front yard. It has a few dirty areas and wear from the wind that blows all of the time. The sauna needs to be stained soon since the wood in some places is looking sort of dried up. Wood sucks. It takes so much treatment to keep it nice. Glad my new house I’m building has a deck made of fake wood.

Well I don’t feel like writing anything in Japanese at the moment. I did write this nice Japanese (由美さん) lady who writes the Japanese Language Park books. I had a question about one story concerning seeds and doves. Found out I was overthinking (考えすぎる) and the premise was simpler than I thought. (笑) I decided to respond back to her in Japanese which was fun. Good practice to write occasionally. Probably sound stupid though. (」°ロ°)」