Good morning! I was attempting to write an opening paragraph in Japanese but it really sucked so I quit that idea. Still need to do a lot more studying. I’m about half way through my Japanese From Zero! book 2. It’s pretty neat to be able to read longer sentences the book contains but it’s tricky trying to remember all of the information provided. So much new vocabulary and verbs. It will be a lot of fun when I can express myself a bit more and not just be limited to saying things like よくコーヒーをのみます。

In the next couple of days I should reach level 10 on WaniKani. I feel like I’ve been at level 9 much longer than the others. Excited to get to level 11 and out of the paradise zone!

Besides studying Japanese as usual, I feel like I’ve been tempted so much lately with wanting to buy new things. Like a FPGA board (for hardware emulation), a Nintendo Switch (for the new Mario) or an Apple watch. Not sure why I’ve been wanting so many new things lately. I’m trying my best to avoid dwelling on these new items since I just don’t think I really need them. I find it hard when I haven’t bought some cool new thing in weeks or months. I’m trying to live more minimally and not acquire so much.

Well that’s it for now. I need to go get lunch ready and make nutty pudding for later. I feel like I need a matcha tea so I’ll go prepare one now. Hope your day is going great and I’ll be back.

Oh, there was a fun thing that happened this morning while driving to the grocery store. I just learned the word あんまりand then heard Teppei say it today. You usually put it before a negative verb to say you don’t often do something. For example “にほんにあんまりいきません” which means “I don’t go to Japan often.” Always fun to hear a word you’ve learned recently!