Not writing about Japanese today but I keep thinking of the really sad image above. I found this picture yesterday when browsing through いらすとや. Reminded me when my cat Lilly had to be put down two years ago. She lived a really long life of 18 years. She was so bad at the end and miserable. Couldn’t lift her head up anymore and going to the bathroom was painful. When I took her to the vet the doctor said it was definitely time. I never thought that when my mom first brought Lilly home as a tiny kitten I would have to be the one taking her on the final car ride. I got to pet her while they injected the heart stopping fluid. It was really weird to do that and then just see her eyes stop moving. The life just left. I got way more sad than I expected. Even days after I’d cry sometimes thinking about her. The photo above made me relive through all of that. I often think of how I’ll have to do the same again for the two cats I currently have. Pete and Callie. What hard thing it will be to go through once again. I even think about my parents and how I’ll have to live going through losing them one day.

Well I better get back to work. Enjoy your pets while they’re still with you.