Today is a day where I definitely feel tired of studying Japanese. I’ve been good about studying it everyday for over 8 months now. I completed the 3rd book of Japanese From Zero and started on the 4th. I also reached level 12 on WaniKani. The excitement is really gone at times and I think if I can really keep going on and why❓ I have such a strong habit now that I just keep pushing. I look back and think that I have learned a lot and can express some inner ideas. What’s wild though is that I still totally suck at the language. I listen to Japanese people speak in videos and still don’t know really anything they’re saying. That hits hard and reminds you that you suck. I can read silly little sentences in a grammar book but it’s so far away from real Japanese. My last post mentioned that I started reading a book on the side called Japanese the Manga Way. Really enjoying it and good to be exposed more to everyday speech. I would really like the ability to read manga and get more understanding of the Japanese mind. I think it will eventually happen but it years away. I guess I can’t think much about it and just keep doing my daily routines. Life is routine. The low time in learning will pass and then something will make it fun again. Then another low point will emerge. Studying a lot for the next 5 years seems crazy but I’ll look back in 5 years and wonder how it went by so fast. Can’t stop.

Well enough for now and happy Sunday. Time to go make lunch. Discovered this old song from Clam’s Casino and had no idea how much recognition it gathered. Still a really cool song.