Uhhh what a fun morning. Oh, guess I should first start off with saying おはようございます。My smoke alarm for some reason decided to beep around 5:20 am and scare the heck out of me. I have tall ceilings in my house so accessing the smoke alarm to replace the battery or reset it is not very easy. Being fully awake now I decided to go grab the ladder and replace the 9volt. After preparing to replace the battery the alarm just stopped. Still hasn’t beeped so now I have no clue why it was going off. Maybe something bad is actually in the air. I’ll have to pay attention today to see if it starts going off.

Since I was up earlier than normal for a 水曜日 I thought I’d start my normal 日本語の勉強している. I watched this great N5 preparation video from Yuka and I got a few things correct but still have quite a bit of studying to do. What was really confusing me in that video was seeing just the Hiragana for vocabulary and not the Kanji. I’m so used to Kanji! I have to say the words carefully to myself and try to imagine the Kanji if I already know it. I hope by next August I know enough to successfully pass the JLPT N5.

Time to go make some coffee, work for a little bit and then head to the dentist for a cleaning. Overcast day so far which is great.